Thursday, 3 May 2012

Is the EU a Dream Come True for Hitler?

The speaker is Harry Beckhough who was one of the original Bletchley Park Codebreakers (England) during World War II. 

There are some startling revelations about Germany and its rise to power in the past, and their current role in the forming of the European Union. The facts speak for themselves~many have been trying to raise the alarm for some time. 

Consider the fact that the "unelected" EU is now controlling not only money, but borders, and laws within individual countries in Europe. Why even bother to hold elections anymore if the EU is going to impose its own will anyway? 

This is a man who has spent his life battling the the de-nazification process, but the world today, locked in a mindless haze of politically correct love and peace are walking willingly into a new world German reich. Please, listen carefully and share this with everyone!

* Hat tip to Lemon Lime Moon blog

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