Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Interesting Interview with Tarek Fatah

Tarek Fatah 2011
Here is a man who not afraid to speak his mind. I have seen many interviews with him and one of my favorites is his talk for Idea City. At the time, he had been undergoing cancer treatment and appeared in a wheelchair, but the strength of his words was not diminished.

Make no mistake~There are many things that I disagree with Tarek Fatah on, such as his views as (an admitted) leftist and NDP socialist. Unlike the mainstream, however, he has something that few people posses...Integrity, and the ability to look at events with an open mind and "tell it like it is". At one point, when he speaks of the recent collaboration between the Obama regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, Tarek says:

"I'm not a naive, guilt-ridden, white liberal~I'm a Muslim who lived in the Middle East, born in Pakistan...I know crap when I see it..." And the lies that are coming out from the White House and the State Department about the Muslim Brotherhood being some sort of Moderate Muslims, is catastrophic for this country."

During the second segment Tarek Fateh discusses the virulent antisemitism and racism (against Blacks) by Muslims living in the West. Indeed, in the middle east no Arab country will accept refugees from Sudan, and in fact, Egypt shoots them. ***The Arab word for a black man is "ya abdi" which means "my slave". There will be a lot of very surprised "converts" if Islam ever succeeds in its goal of world domination!

* Hat Tip to Bare Naked Islam's Blog

Tarek Fatah on GBTV~Part 1

Tarek Fatah on GBTV~Part 2

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