Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Multicultural Enrichment

This clip paints an extreme picture of multiculturalism. Granted, not every immigrant fits this image and not every African or Muslim country is this bad. But--anyone who takes the time to search the news of "horrendous" crime in areas that have seen mass immigration, cannot deny that our freedoms and laws are being stamped out and spit upon. A single incident or even a few may be called coincidence. The fact that the majority of horrific crimes are committed by immigrants is a clear warning. It is the ordinary citizen who must insist that we be allowed to live safely and freely in our own country. We must insist that those who claim they want to escape the horrors of their "former countries" swear allegiance to their new country and separate from the uncivilized behaviour they claim to want to escape. We must make our governments accountable--or this is what we might (and our children for sure) will face in the future. *Be Warned--graphic language and pictures.

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