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Eurabia: The Planned Islamization of Europe

This is a rather long post~I urge you to work your way through it. The analysis of the Islamization of Europe was written by Michael Mannheimer in 2009 and originally printed in German. It has been translated in full at Moe's Jihad News and Gates of Vienna. This is not about religion, rather it is about a dangerous cultural upheaval that may change our world forever. I urge you to follow the links above and read the entire article carefully. The original article in German is available as a PDF file HERE.

Here are some facts I pulled from the article:
[1] Most of the Muslim Immigrants are from the Third World, such as Turkey, Somalia, Pakistan, Lebanon and Iraq. They make up 5% of the population--but receive over 40% of the social expenditures. The average per-capita contribution to taxes and GDP by immigrants in Denmark--80 % of which originate from Islamic countries--is 41% below that of the Danes.

[2] The Extremely High Rate of Crime Among Muslims in Denmark--70 percent of all crimes in Copenhagen are committed by Muslims. In February 2009, the Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels published a book with the title “Among Criminal Muslims. The Experiences of a Psychologist in Copenhagen.” His conclusion: “The integration of Muslims in European societies is impossible.”

[3] A 30,000 Dollar reward has been offered by a Muslim group in Denmark to anyone who kills a Jew in Denmark.

[4] Muslim leaders openly declare the institution of Islamic law--Sharia--as their goal, as soon as Denmark’s Muslim population has grown enough to enable it.

[5] The Danish-Palestinian politician Asmaa Abdol-Hamid has called all her Muslim brothers to kill Danes wherever they might encounter them. Abdol-Hamid, along with her family, came as a Palestinian fugitive to Denmark in 1986 where she and they were generously awarded asylum--and where she enjoyed a first-class education. The political activity of Mrs. Asmaa Abdol-Hamid is considered in Denmark to be a “successful example of prosperous integration” and as “cultural enrichment”--the same person that has called for terror attacks against Danish soldiers in Iraq.

[6] According to Islam--Constitutional law breaks religious law! No ifs, ands or buts.

[7] Copenhagen’s Integration Commissioner, Jacob Hougaard stated:  “Islam must become a component of public life”. He refined his challenge by effectively demanding general school vacation days to occur on Islamic holidays, calling for separate bathrooms/washrooms for Muslims, and for a general honoring of the daily Islamic prayer times by private employers, and access to “halal”-slaughtered meat.

Not Concerned Yet?

Every country has their original native inhabitants. In Denmark it is the Kalaalit, who live on the island of Greenland...Here is their story:

*Note*  Canadians, you are a scant 30 miles from Greenland. Nunavut (created in 1999) is a major portion of Northern Canada--will they too be endangered?

Because of Racist Muslims, Original Danish Natives Have to be Relocated
Kalaalit Elder~Last of a People?
The island of Greenland belongs to the little country Denmark. However, for years now, the native inhabitants of Greenland, the Kalaalit, do not have the confidence to go out into their streets anymore. The reason for this: the Muslims will throw rocks at them, or they regularly attack them in some other way. The reason for this is incomprehensible and at the same time surreal: many adherents to this “religion of peace” see the Greenland natives as “infidels” and even as wild beasts that have no human rights at all. And even though the Danish government has attempted by many means to improve the situation between the Kalaalit and the Muslims, no improvement has been achieved, and in may cases the situation has worsened. Among the actions taken by the Danish government was the creation of an Internet site in the Arabic language in which they attempted to show that in dealing with the Kalaalit, the Muslim were dealing not with beasts but really with people. Already in 2007, the yearly traditional festival of the Kalaalit in Aarhus (every June 21st) could only take place under the purview of police protection. And in 2008, the festival didn’t even happen, the result the increasing Muslim violence against the Greenland natives.

Greenland Map in Arabic
This Danish Internet campaign in the Arabic language did not help the Kalaalit

--even more Muslims are attacking them now.

(Ed. Note) This is the Native Population!
                    ...What is Wrong in Denmark!!

Also, the natives have had to forego even their beloved football games, for the Muslims would throw rocks at them if the natives were caught practicing alone. The attacks have taken on such a great ferocity that the Kalaalit now barricade their windows in order to keep the Muslims from breaking into their flats. This problem has for some time already been known by the authorities, and they react just as any authorities in countries run by decent, unassuming people would react: instead of attacking the evil at the root, instead of arresting the perpetrators and putting them in jail, and instead of deporting them, the city council of Aarhus is financing the transfer to the Danish mainland for any Kalaalit who wishes to leave their homeland due to fear of the Muslims, and they are also subsidizing their search for flats outside of the large cities where the Muslim immigrants themselves have taken up residence. A step that the Muslims have already had in their sights, considering the exploding number of Muslims already in Denmark. Johanne Christiansen, one of the women from the Kalaalit group who gladly accepted the state assistance, says: “I could not bear anymore being the constant target of their attacks.”

Kalaalit Snowdog~Impure
They have been exclusively attacked by Somalis and Arabs. “They simply have no respect for us.” Moslems tell the Kalaalits that they should completely urinate upon themselves because Denmark is their (Muslim's) country.”

With the exception of one or two insignificant Danish local newspapers, the mainline European media have to this day remained silent regarding this issue. Much the opposite is happening, however; the Süddeutsche Zeitung, a leader in the suppression and denial of the “allegedly threatening Islamization” of Europe, signifies on a regular basis that the few who are warning of the Islamization of Europe are in error, or are kooks or haters of foreigners, and they accuse them of mockery and malice.

Finally: The one desiring to stop Eurabia from happening can no longer rely on politics or justice. The one who wishes to stop Eurabia must himself become active (in the following):
(Ed. Note: It may be too late for these mild measures)

1] Cast no more votes for pro-Islamic politicians. Cancel subscriptions to pro-Islamic newspapers and periodicals.
2] Readers need to send letters en masse answering articles and commentaries that categorize critics of Islam as being rightwing extremist and/or articles and commentaries that deny that the Islamization of Europe is really happening.
3] Send E-mail chain letters to radio and TV editors who put on Islamophilic (Islam-friendly or Islam-loving) shows.
4] Mass advertisements are in order for judges and attorneys that bend Danish / German / European law who aren’t actively involved in immigration criminal law.
5] Cast no more votes for mayors and parties that have actively engaged themselves in the support of building mosques, and widely publish the names of those who do so.
6] Send protest letters en masse to town halls, mayoral offices, party offices.
7] Organize sit-ins and both small and large demonstrations where possible.
8] Inform friends and acquaintances regarding Islam--for example, the forwarding of articles exposing the true nature of the issue and other information by E-mail
9] Share knowledge about Islam with friends, partners and acquaintances
10] When voting (whether local, state, federal, or European, vote only for those parties that recognize the danger of Islam and stand against it.
11] Encourage those politicians, journalists, intellectuals, artists and other citizens that are bold enough to exercise criticism about Islam and to accept the stigma of “radical right” that the left and Islamic associations will attach to them.
12] *My Addition~Immigrants who commit vile crimes such as rape, murder, hate crimes must be deported at once--No Exceptions!

...One truth now stands firm: “Whoever does not fight has already lost the battle.”

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