Sunday, 20 January 2013

Muslim Jihadis on Welfare in the West...Believe It!

Thanks to the UN, the EU and Self-Serving Politicians...It Will Only Get Worse!

* Hat Tip to Bare Naked Islam Blog 

Similar demonstrations are taking place in every free country in the world~with the majority of protesters collecting welfare from the very countries they are trying to destroy! You should know that the black and white flags are the flags of Jihad~not the introspective self-improvement crap that Muslims try to sell you, but flags of war.

At 0:49 you can hear them shouting Khayber, Khayber ya Yahud...this is a war cry used by Muslims to tell the Jews that Muhammads army is coming to massacre them.

* Note* Khaybar, was an oasis near Medina inhabited mainly by Jews in the 7th century. In the year 628, Muhammad led the Muslims against it, defeating the Jews in battle and subjugating the survivors, who would later be expelled from Arabia. The chant implies that history will repeat itself. (Source:  Counter Terrorism Blog)

Muslims still use this chant to try to scare the Jews. When the Mavi Mamara, in the first flotilla was preparing to leave port in Turkey they were screaming this over and over as seen in the video below from ( PMW (Palestinian Media Watch ).

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