Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Better Than Snow Tires!

When looking for unique things pertaining to Israel, I often turn to the site Israel 21c. They follow the local scene for interesting developments and inventions by Israelis to give an insight into what is happening around the country.

This latest report is interesting to those of us who have tackled snow, ice or muck. Created by retired mechanical engineer, Israel Zahavi, the Power Wheel is a removable disc that is fitted to a permanently installed adapter inside the wheel hub of your vehicle. 

Inside the disc there are twenty metal bars (steel-tipped for off-road vehicles and rubber-tipped for cars to protect asphalt). The bars can be manually or automatically telescoped out beyond the circumference of the tire to raise the vehicle slightly and grip the road. Once you have cleared the bad stretch, the bars can be retracted back into the disc. 

A permanent adapter is installed in the wheel hub. Power Wheel can be attached to the adapter before leaving on a trip or, the discs can be kept in the trunk to be used when one encounters slippery or other traction-challenging conditions.

* Read more at Israel 21c

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