Thursday, 5 July 2012

Israeli Innovation~1st of its Kind "Medical Smartphone"

OK, I admit that I love posting stories like this!

The latest invention to come out of Israel is called the LifeWatch V~described as a "Medical Smartphone", it is also The First of its Kind. 

It measures seven medical indexes. The LifeWatch V site states: Each test result is automatically and securely saved to a remote server, in the cloud, and can be presented for analysis, together with other results and trend data. All results and historical data can be shared in a report format with a third party, via email or text message.

The following is only a brief summary of the information provided on the LIfeWatch V site~Do take the time to go there and see the unit in detail and learn how this unique invention works and see details of the seven independent medical tests it provides.

[1] ECG 
It is easy to take a one-lead ECG test by placing your fingers on four sensing points on the sides of the phone's frame. You will see an accurate one-lead ECG test, and results can easily be shared with your doctor.

Measure your Heart Rate by placing four fingers on the phone’s frame. Your heart rate will be shown immediately. Click once and you can compare the results to your past data. Another click and you can share the data with your doctor.

To take your temperature, hold the phone to your forehead. The infrared sensor in the device will take your temperature in 10 seconds! No more thermometers!

[4] Blood Sugar Levels
LifeWatch V is the first smartphone boasting an integrated Blood Glucose testing slot. Using the available kit, prepare the blood glucose test strip and insert it into the dedicated slot. You see the result immediately on your smartphone, and you can forward it to your doctor.

[5] Body Fat Percentages
Measure and track your body fat simply and effectively, something most of us should (or need) to do! LifeWatch V can also provide diet apps and advice to help manage weight.

Oxygen saturation checks whether your red blood cells carry enough oxygen to power your body organs. LifeWatch V will test your blood oxygen in ten seconds~place two fingers on the phone’s sensors and see the result on the screen. People using portable oxygen do this test daily, sometimes multiple times per day.

Stress levels are measured by checking your Heart Rate Variability. When stress is high, you will have the option of choosing a relaxation technique. In cases where stress is a medical issue this information can be forwarded to your doctor in case treatment is required.

The General Manager and Vice President of Research and Development at LifeWatch is Yair Tal. In an interview with Arutz 7 he said that the LifeWatch V is absolutely accurate and equivalent to any other diagnostic device in the field...Wow~This is the Israel I Love!

Interview from Arutz 7

LIfeWatch V Marketing Video

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