Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Disgraceful! Mekhissi Benabbad Hits Girl Mascot Age 14

This "French" so-called athlete is actually of Algerian origin. His behaviour is beyond the pale. This is not the first time he has "pushed" someone around. At the Monaco Diamond League games last year he was involved in a fight at the finish line with Medhi Baala, which resulted in a ten month suspension.

I have several problems with this whole issue. First, athletes these days have become little more than arrogant overpaid prima donnas. They live very well indeed. Even those who claim "amateur" status live much better than most hard-working people could ever hope to. How does this represent "sportsmanship" and "love of the game"?? Whether amateur or professional, these people know the routine~perform in front of crowds~at the end of the performance (particularly if you win) the crowd~Mascots too~gather around, etc.! Part of the routine is to be "visible to the public". That is why they get the big money~to win and get kudos for "their" country.

Which brings me to the next issue: Just how many athletes are actually "true citizens" of the countries they represent? With more and more stories of athletes refusing to acknowledge the National Anthems of the country they "represent", can they really be called "citizens" and do they truly "bring pride to their country"?? Is this how you would want your country represented?

Mekhissi Benabbad and his ilk are a rotten disgrace and it is time that people stopped allowing this type of behaviour. Running fast or kicking a ball does not entitle one to eternal privilege~after all, apart from shoving around fourteen year old girls, what skills does he have to earn an honest living in this world? (Not Including Posing for Ads) My guess is "not too much". Ban the bum and give the medal to an athlete who understands sportsmanship!  
By the way~He Actually Won the Race~What if He Had Lost!

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