Tuesday, 24 April 2012

PA Arabs Attack Israel~And Israel's Response Is?

Today in Arutz 7 there is a story of a Palestinian Authority Arab, (without a work permit) who called a cab in Tel Aviv.  He paid the fare in advance, but at the end of the ride he decided to brutally stab the driver. 

The same article reminds us that last week another Arab stabbed a yeshiva student in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shimon HaTzadik, while earlier in the month an Arab terrorist used an axe to attack a 65-year-old man near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Another article states that PA Arabs fired at the IDF soldiers who accompanied Jews praying at Joseph's Tomb, and while Israel marked Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day), the Arabs at Hebrew U decided to hold a pro-terrorist event on campus.

We must not forget the rockets from Gaza (over 200 in March 2012), or the poor "youths" who spend their days attacking Israeli vehicles on the road with rocks and bricks. 

There are more, this is only what is reported by a few Israeli papers, the majority of the media ignores them completely. 

Where oh where are the Human Rights and Peace groups when you need them?

Some of you may ask how Israel retaliates. Well, they have been very busy~doing more research and development for ways to help us all. In Israel's Silicon Valley, a new 3D Intel Chip has just been released. Quote: "The Ivy Bridge processor also improves computer storage while using less power, allowing computers to respond faster."

And, at Microsoft Israel R & D Center’s fourth annual Think Next 2012 Conference in Tel Aviv, another interesting new technology, named Alice, was on display.  You can see the demonstration video below.

All of the above are "typical" here in Israel, yet, for some reason, at the UN, EU and in countries all over the globe, there are those who insist that all the worlds problems are because of the only democratic state in the middle-east. Israel is far from perfect, and there is a lot that needs fixing. That being said, why is there such a determined refusal to allow Israel to just "be"?
Why is it that the "Palestinians" are never called out for their hatred and continued demand that Israel be destroyed?

...Please don't deny it
Just look at the "official" photo (only one of many) taken of Mahmud Abbas with a map showing Palestine as ALL of Israel and listen to his speeches claiming not a single Jew will step foot on Palestinian land~it is kind of a give away...

Why isn't anyone listening to what is being said on Arab TV and news. How about the hatred being taught to their children from birth?

The story has been one sided for too long. Isn't it time to face the truth, and call out the hate mongers and terrorists? Why not hit them with the truth for a change?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

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