Monday, 9 April 2012

Faith And Destiny~The Miracle of Israel

Almost everyone knows Rabbi Berel Wein~a scholar, historian and educator admired for his lectures, books and films. He is rabbi of Beit Knesset HaNasi in Jerusalem. If you are ever in Jerusalem for Shabbat, Rabbi Wein gives a drasha right after davening.

In one of his lectures on Holocaust denial he said:
"People who have no story are doomed to disappear. For many, what took place in Israel before 1948 is a blank, and a vacuum, where denial thrives and exists.

...All the museums and documentaries in the world will not preserve the Jewish people if they don't know their own story."

To that end Rabbi Wein has worked tirelessly to accurately document, record and preserve our story~the story of the Jewish people so that we can tell and re-tell it to our children and grandchildren...and they in turn will have their story to share and hold on to for all time.

These amazing films are a "must see" for everyone~Jews and non-Jews alike...

Faith And Destiny~The Miracle of Israel Part 1

Faith And Destiny~The Miracle of Israel Part 2

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