Saturday, 9 July 2011

The "Sea Hitler" From Canada to Gaza

In this discussion Michael Coren calls John Downs to task. Downs is a radio broadcaster whose bio indicates his "beat" is Toronto City Hall. His attitude towards Israel is typical of people who have not been here and have no idea of what they are talking about. Sadly, his type of uninformed, aggressive anti-Israel attitude is spreading.

Due to the bias of people who are in the media the general public are not being told the truth. Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle-East that is democratic, allows freedom of worship to all religions, protects the rights of women and gays, and holds its defense forces to the highest of standards--sometimes at the risk of their own lives. Arab-Israelis have more freedom and rights than in any other Arab country--anywhere. People like Downs refuse to listen to any opinion other than their own, drowning out truth and reason, while instigating baseless hatred.

Michael Coren, to his credit, has done his research, visited Gaza, and is not afraid to speak the truth. Good for him!

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