Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Liars Of The CBC~A "Gotcha" Moment

There is an interesting article on Blazing Cat Fur, stating that the Jewish Defense League is going to sue the CBC. I urge you to go to the LINK where you will find more details and information.

The CBC like the BBC is funded by tax money. They are paid from the public coffers, supposedly so they can provide a balanced view on the news. The Biased BBC has earned its name~Enough said.

The CBC has now stepped up to the plate with its aversion to calling a terrorist a terrorist...But wait...they apparently have made an exception! According to their research opinion(?) the Jewish Defense League is a terrorist organization! Way to go CBC!

And just In case anyone is wondering~this is from the JDL site:
The Jewish Defense League unconditionally and unequivocally condemns all forms of terrorism. Terrorism is never a legitimate means to the furtherance of political (or any other) goals.

Contrary to the claims of our detractors, the Jewish Defense League is an above-board, law-abiding organization. Terrorism has no place within this movement. JDL enforces a strict no-tolerance policy against terrorism and other felonious acts; any suggestion of such activity is a violation of this policy. Even when Jews are faced by regimes that violate those core Torah tenets that require the highest levels of Jewish self-sacrifice, terrorism is an unacceptable recourse

Please do listen to the entire report, and see for yourself the travesty that is the CBC. Then, you must do some serious thinking about WHY taxpayer money (in tough times) is being shoveled into the black hole of the CBC. Ya just gotta Love Ezra Levant !

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