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Why is CUPW Funding a Boat to Gaza?

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Among the next ships heading to challenge the legitimacy of Israel will be one that is funded by taxpayers and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). Is it not just a bit ironic that they are getting ready for (another)  postal strike but have time to support terror?

The statements below were posted with the video and prompted some questions... 

* The Canadian Union of Postal Workers says mail bound for Gaza will be delivered by their members aboard the Canadian boat for Gaza...WAIT--WHAT? Seriously, they are going to hand deliver mail to the Hamas terrorists in  Gaza?? Are they getting travel pay and overtime for this?

* CUPW is one of many Canadian groups that have endorsed or are supporting an attempt to have a Canadian boat run the Israeli blockade of Gaza...So, does this mean that Canada supports breaking a "legal blockade" to support a terror organization?

* "It's part of our campaign of boycott, divestment and sanction against the Israeli State to respect international law," said CUPW president Denis Lemelin...
(a) The blockade on Gaza is a "legal" blockade, established to prevent weapons (used to kill Israelis) going into Gaza. (b) There is no food shortage--the Rafah crossing to Egypt is open, plus Israel continues to ship tons of supplies to Gaza daily (including during Cast Lead)  even though Hamas continues its crusade to wipe Israel off the map ! and finally, (c) Considering "a" and "b"--just what is Lemelin talking about?

* CUPW passed resolutions supporting the campaign, including one designating Israel an "apartheid state" in 2008...By what right do they designate a free democratic country (the only one in the entire Middle-East) as apartheid? Do they know that Arab Israelis have equal rights in Israel while Jews have been ethnically cleansed from All Arab Countries?? Have they noticed that non-Muslims basically do not exist (at least not as human beings) in Arab countries? Ever seen a non-Muslim allowed into Mecca--how about while wearing a kippah or carrying a bible? *In Israel all faiths operate freely...

These are the very lies and misinformation fed to the media by the Arab world in their attempt to de-legitimize and destroy Israel and the Jewish people. The ignorance displayed by those who organize "flotillas" is beyond comprehension. They do not even see that in every Arab country there has been a systematic cleansing of all non-Muslims.  

Canada Post Union Workers, by  their very actions are supporting ethnic cleansing, brutal repression of all freedoms and the annihilation of an entire people. They are supporting Hamas--a designated terror group--that calls for the destruction of Israel and the Jews; enforced Sharia Law, celebrates the slaughter of babies by handing out sweets, and once again (this year), they are sending their children to "summer camps" to learn how to kill (Jews). Follow the links.

What is happening to Canada? Do you not care that you are sanctioning and thus becoming a part of  attempted genocide?

If you are concerned about where your tax dollars are going, write to the Prime Minister. Here are two email contacts for PM Harper (Thanks to Bare Naked Islam's Blog):
Harper.S@parl.gc.ca              and                      pm@pm.gc.ca

The hateful idiot President of the Ontario Federation of Labour is perpetrating lies and trying to turn terrorists into victims. He has never been to Gaza! Rather he is shilling the phony PR being fed to the world at large. Please take time to read this article by Elder of Ziyon, which provides proof that political tourists are getting  a full dose of brainwashing in Gaza~you will see where the mindless rhetoric comes from. I would love to take these people on a real tour to meet the true victims of terror in Israel!

In the mind of Sid Ryan, thousands of missiles fired day after day, year after year at Israeli towns, and the routine slaughter of Israeli babies means nothing. Even when Michael Coren--who has actually been to Gaza--tries to educate him, Ryan refuses to listen. In fact, Palestinians (thanks to the American tax payer) are some of the fattest people on the Earth!

Shame on Unions for putting scum like this in leadership roles--shame on anyone who supports him. If you think that removing Israel and the Jewish people from the earth will solve all the world's problems, better think again...

Smarmy Sid Ryan~Gazans Kept Marginally Above Starvation Level...

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Jeff Cripps said...

As a member of CUPW, I am disgusted that I am forced to pay union dues that are then funnelled to causes that support terrorism, maxism and communism. It is time for the Canadian government to allow union members to opt out or redirect their union dues to charity. Other countries have banned union from using their members dues for external political causes!!

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