Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Jerusalem Day Flag Dance~2011

In case any of you didn't make it to Jerusalem, here is some footage of the Jerusalem Day Flag Dance. This year the traditional route of the parade was changed because of the "light rail". I personally find it disgusting because the tram is not even in use until August! All they have are a couple of cars going up and down once in a while. They could have easily stopped "empty" cars for a couple of hours, but no, they would not. Shame on the city officials for this.

Of course the leftists tried to put a damper on things as they parade entered the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, but they could not dampen the spirits of the students who broke into a chorus of Am Israel Chai! The end point is of course the Kotel where dancing and singing goes on for hours to celebrate the love for Jerusalem, our beautiful undivided capitol...

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