Thursday, 9 June 2011

Islamic Anti-Semitism in Canada...

One of the groups behind the latest "Canadian Gaza Boat", is called Alternatives and they can not be called an organization who is worried about feeding starving children. On their website they declare the following:

We are together for three main reasons:
      * To coordinate our struggle at the local and international levels
      * To increase debate over alternatives to the status quo
      * To assure our long-term political and financial viability

So can anyone explain why they are funded by approximately 5 Million Canadian Tax Dollars?? They are not a group who feeds the hungry--they are a political organization--so why are Tax Dollars supporting them to send a boat to break a Legal Blockade and give aid to a known Terrorist Group (Hamas), whose goal is the destruction of the only democracy in the Middle-East?

The last "flotilla" was a farce. When the contents of the "aid" was displayed it consisted of damaged, old equipment and out of date medicines. The people in Gaza did not even want it because they get much better supplies from Israel. In addition, pictures now show that there were in fact members of the Mavi Marmara who were armed--but anyone with a brain knew that it had nothing to do with peace and everything to do with hatred of Israel.  I will try to have the pictures and story up in a few days.

This story is in a number of places, but I am giving the link to the story at Bare Naked Islam's Blog because they also have links to many more videos and information. 

They have also provided email addresses for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I do urge all who are concerned about their tax money going to terrorists to go to Bare Naked Islam's Blog and read the reports then send an email to the PM asking why the government is funding such groups.

To Email the Prime Minister:

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