Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gazans Want the UN to Protect the Flotilla!

Just when you think you have seen it all! Now, the UN is being asked to "protect the flotilla" that is on the way to Gaza. When I listen to the moonbats in this report I wonder where they get their brainwashing from--it has worked very well. 

In the first place, there is virtually no "aid", one ship in fact has boasted that it is only bringing "love letters"--I am sure the "starving" people will rejoice. There are also reports that some ships are carrying "chemicals" and that "many Israeli soldiers are going to die". Wait--I thought this was a peaceful, aid flotilla? The entire operation is beyond words. 

Listen to the useful idiot speaking of how apprehensive he is of what the "Zionists" are going to do--forgetting that he is part of an illegal action against a democratic state! The IDF are Israeli Defense Forces, but these fools cannot even bring themselves to say the word Israel. He speaks of threats and dirty tricks. The IDF has stated that the ships will not be allowed to break a legal blockade and all aid will be transported to Gaza through legal land crossings after routine inspection--well, that is very threatening...

 It boggles the mind to hear people decrying Israel as apartheid when these same people would be beaten, jailed or perhaps even killed if they did not serve a purpose as a Hamas PR team. As for the women--they are beyond stupid and are an embarrassment to every woman who has ever fought for woman's equality. Without the press surrounding them they would soon learn how the muslims treat all women--especially those who are not fully covered. They need to speak with Lara Logan, or the women of the Peace Corps. By the way, Press TV is Iranian and operates from Gaza, where Hamas controls everything...Yes, these people are talking to the agents of the Iranian madman Achmadinnerjoke, who is playing with nuclear missiles.

I wonder if any of them have bothered to read the Hamas, PA, (or for that matter any Muslim country's) charter--that calls for the destruction of all the Jews and Islamic rule with Sharia law--for All the World! Do they think they will be the exception?

I say this again, those who take part in these flotillas are supporting terror and participating in genocide--against the only democratic country in the middle east.

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