Sunday, 10 April 2011

Teaching Islam in Germany

I really don't know what to make of this clip I found on Sheik Yer Mami. According to the teacher  they believe in the Torah, but of course it has been distorted and counterfeited by the Jews. They believe in the Gospels (al-injil), but they have also been corrupted--and that is why--Surprise, Surprise--Allah sent the Koran for all of mankind.

I don't know in which German school this was filmed nor do I know if it is a one of. If there is anyone who has more information on this, I will be happy to post it. 

Meanwhile, if you can stomach it take a close look at how lies and hate are started. These kids will only learn hate--what on earth is happening in Germany--In the rest of Europe--In the Free World?


Miriam Woelke said...


I had a look at the video and to me it looks like a Muslim school in Germany and not like an ordinary school. First of all, there are not controversial comments by the students and, secondly, the students look Muslim.

Orfan said...

Hi Miriam, Yes it says it is a Muslim School, but my point is that this is taking place in Germany, and they are not telling the kids to become good Germans! They are teaching these kids lies, and insuring that another generation will not integrate into society.

Miriam Woelke said...


The doctrines in Muslime schools located in Germany are very well - known to the authorities and the German "Shabak" (Verfassungsschutz) has them on their watch list !!!

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