Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Word Regarding Comments on This Blog

I generally post all comments, but currently there is one in abeyance. It was with regard to the article on Moshe Katsav.

Rather than comment on the post, Anonymous chose to make scathing comments on another commenter. So far no real problem.

What I do have a problem with is that this appears to be vindictive rant, sent anonymously, with the intent of defaming another blogger. The kind of thing a weasel would do.

The blogger being defamed in this instance has given me permission to use her name.

Miriam Woelke writes several blogs including, Shearim (English), Hamantaschen (German)Leben in Jerusalem (German), Lurianic Kabbalah (German) and Shearim1 (Hebrew) and is read by many people around the world. Her articles are well researched, and come from her personal experiences. When writing she makes no bones about the fact that she is an Orthodox Jew, and is against Missionary/Messianic proselytizing in Israel. She is very strong in her opinions and is clear on that point. She "always" signs her name when she writes or makes comments on other blogs.

Of late there have been certain groups, messianics, who have been firing accusations at her, including that she is a racist. Anonymous is waiting for her to be "outed". If one reads her blogs you can see that Miriam is like a clear glass window--she is already out there for everyone to see. 

So, to Anonymous, I will gladly publish anything you wish to send, However, if you are going to libel another blogger (in this case Miriam Woelke), I insist that you too, submit your real name, just like she does.

The ball is in your court...

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