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Update to Carmel Fire Tragedy~A Gift of Joy

Danny Hayat
On Tuesday, 28 December, less than ten days after Danny Hayat succumbed to burns suffered while battling the Carmel fire, his widow, Hofit gave birth to a baby girl at the Afula hospital--it is reported that both mother and daughter are healthy.

After fighting for his life for two weeks, 35-year old Danny Hayat became the 44th victim of the disastrous fire on the 19th of December.  He was being treated at Rambam hospital, and recently had begun receiving artificial skin grafts. Family and friends felt that he was getting stronger and would recover.

Mrs. Netanyahyu & Hofit Hayat
Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid visits to the victims families and was instrumental in raising funds for the costly skin grafts given to Danny Hayat. She enlisted Keren Hayesod (The United Israel Appeal) to donate the funds, and through them raised 150,000 euros ($199,565) to purchase artificial skin for the operation. Mrs. Netanyahu is pictured with (then pregnant) Hofit Hayat at the hospital.

Danny Hayat was the founder and commander of the Jezreel rescue unit. The unit's flag had hung outside the intensive care room.  In addition to his wife and baby daughter Danny left behind two sons.

Uri Samandayev
Elad Rivan
Danny Hayat, his partner, 26 year old Uri Samandayev and 16 year old volunteer fireman Elad Rivan rushed to fight the flames engulfing a bus carrying cadets sent to evacuate  terrorist prisoners from Damon Prison--according to reports none of the prisoners were injured. Both Smandayev and Rivan died at the scene, while Hayat was rescued in critical condition, with burns to 65 percent of his body.
 The picture shown to the left was taken by a tour guide from a point overlooking the bus just  seconds before the wall of flames closed in. Also visible is the car of Commander Ahuva Tomer who had gone after the bus to help the trapped cadets.

She was one of two people who were rescued from the blaze only to succumb to their injuries later, in hospital. 

Commander Ahuva Tomer
 Haifa police chief Ahuva Tomer's car was on the road behind  the bus filled with cadets when the wall of flames roared up and  in a matter of a few seconds engulfed the area trapping them all. She was found  and rushed to hospital with burns to 90 percent of her body but was unable to overcome her injuries. To read more follow the links HERE and HERE and HERE.

Cadet Jalal Bissan

Prison Service cadet Jalal Bissan aged 29, a resident of the Arab village Jatt in the northern Galilee region was aboard the trapped bus. He was taken to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa  with burns to 95 percent of his body but never regained consciousness. He had been hooked up to an artificial lung for the last two days of his life and died as a result of severe infection. According to the commander of the Prison Services central district, Jalal's goal was to move up in the Prison Service ranks and he was accepted to the officers' course.  He described Jalal as a very serious and dependable person. Jalal is survived by his wife and two children. 

Baruch Dayan Emet

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