Sunday, 5 December 2010

Israel Fire Under Control~Now We Need Rain!

The Fire burning near Haifa is said to be under control, thanks to  the planes and fire fighters from  countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, USA and even the Palestinian Authority--officials believe they have things under control.  However Seven new hot spots were reported within the space of an hour, early Sunday evening. Police and firefighters believe this is a new wave of arson--it is not over yet! The weather is cooling and rain is expected--We are all praying for a downpour!

An online article in Yeshiva World shows the amazing pictures of what is believed to be the last minutes of the bus of young guards trapped by the fire. The online news source Haaretz posted the pictures complete with story. Do go to this link for Haaretz and read the entire story.The pictures were taken by tour guide and Carmel expert Dan Oren. According to the article,  as they were taking the pictures a wall of fire covered the entire area.

While this can't be confirmed it is possible that the car shown behind the bus belongs to Haifa Police Commander Ahuva Tomer, who went in after the bus and was also trapped.  She was taken to Carmel Hospital in Haifa, where a team of 20 doctors worked to revive her, finally succeeding in restoring a pulse--"against all odds," in their words. She was transferred to Rambam Medical Center for treatment and is now fighting for her life with burns over most of her body.  Please send her your prayers!

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