Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Truth About Palestinian Jihad~Insanity Walking!

For anyone who protests for the "poor palestinians" and calls Israel an Apartheid State, you need to visit the sites of Pierre Rehov. He has for many years produced amazing films. He goes to the heart of the situation and lets the people themselves speak their minds. This is how the children are being raised!

In a world of upheaval, it is clear that continuation of financial support to the PA, and Hamas only perpetuates the ongoing war. In order for peace to happen, the poor, and underprivileged have to start facing reality. They are brainwashed into believing that killing Jews will bring money and a trip to heaven. It is madness. For those who say, well, I have no love lost for the Jews, listen to the end if the video below~They will come for the Christians next!

Please take time to do your research before you condemn Israel. Start with the documentary films from Pierre Rehov. You will learn a truth that few people are willing to look at~but is it the truth.

I Often Recommend Videos by Pierre Rehov~Here is One That Everyone Must Watch!!
Links to Videos By Pierre Rehov:


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