Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Demonstration in Front of Israeli PM's Official Residence

Entry to PM's Residence
I have a friend who has been blogging for quite a few years in English, German, and sometimes Hebrew.

She has more pictures than you could imagine and has been making small videos of areas around Jerusalem.

I have been encouraging her to do a commentary as she is making the videos to describe the areas. For the most part the videos and pictures are from areas that only Israelis frequent, and usually include events that are taking place in Israeli society.

The areas she films are usually in the old, established areas of Jerusalem. My friend has lived in Israel for about twenty-five years or more and has a wealth of information that I am prodding her to share. If you go to her current blog there are also links to some short stories she has written about Jerusalem and published on Amazon.

Please head over to her Blog~meashearim.wordpress.com/ and have a look around. Leave a word of encouragement or even let her know what you would like to see...

Many Demonstrations Take Place Here~Read More on Shearim's Blog

* Credit for Picture and Video: M. Woelke

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