Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Toronto "Hijab Hoax" Mom Needs to Be Charged!

I find it strange that Canadians aren't getting up in arms about this type of issue. I am against any type of aggressive action towards anyone. I am also against those who drum up phony stories. 

In this case, the news reports, outrage and apologies were flowing before the investigation was even fully underway~apparently the news posted this less than an hour after the 911 call. How can any news agency run such an upsetting story (showing young children, in the school, on air) before checking the facts? 

Another Point:  A description was given of the perpetrator~What if someone fitting the description had been arrested (or attacked) for the supposed crime against a child?  

How many people were sidelined to attend to this "crime". How much time was wasted in the school? More importantly, what is this teaching the children?

Who put the children and mother up to this? The mother in the video clearly has no tears, the boy is happy and can't stop smiling, while the girl who was supposedly attacked, is much cooler and calmer than I would be after being accosted twice by a man brandishing scissors around my head! 

If a "non-minority" family had pulled this kind of a stunt there would be charges laid and most likely the family home investigated. Is this a family with "multiple wives"? Who would even put children through such a thing??

The world at large has become so politically correct that people are falling over backwards trying to convince everyone, anyone that they are "correct" and "with the program". Canada is a country with so much hope for good things, but this type of issue is destroying it. Wake up folks, not only are you being taken for a ride, you will soon be tossed off the wagon into the ditch~then there will be nobody left to care.

Isn't It About Time Canada Started Treating Everyone Equally? Charge the Criminals!

* Thanks to Rebel Media~Ezra Levant for posting this video. Please do Visit Their Site!

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