Thursday, 3 August 2017

Liberal Academics at Oxford Get An Education

Dennis Prager Brilliantly States The Truth~Are They Smart Enough To Hear It??

* As an Aside: 
I Don't know who the pudgy woman in the purple toga is, but it seems she has wasted her money on schooling if she can't figure out who is carrying out all the beheadings in this world. Gd forbid she should decide to instruct anyone on anything!

I wonder what the future holds with this upcoming generation, who are so interested in "political correctness" and doing away with law and morality that they can't even see that they are in the pot and the water is simmering. These people are not prepared to face the world and the harshness of survival and actually having to "earn" your way. They want it all~given to them~right now. They can't have any stress, they must have "safe places"

Instead of facing live they are trying to tear our world apart. What they cannot see is that there is a very large part of the world who are thrilled with these naive attitudes and are more than happy to take over~or simply kill them and take what they want. Islam means submission, and to date they are having no trouble with idiots like this manning the ramparts.

It is time for these people be given a real education and taught "actual" history to learn what happens when stupidity and self-centerdness takes over. Thousands of years of empires destructing was not accidental. There are no "safe places" in Islam~End of Story!

For the Few Who Have Never Listened to Dennis Prager Here is More...

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