Thursday, 13 July 2017

Justin Trudeau Sent Omar Alghabra to an OIC Meeting

Why, you may ask is this important at all? To begin with, you must look into the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) You should know that they have done a great job of cleaning up the site to make it more appealing to "western" sensibilities, but the core of what they stand for is still there. 

The site states: Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was set up following the arson attack on the Holy Mosque of Al Aqsa on 21st August 1969. The fire was attributed to an Australian tourist who was a Protestant follower of the Church of God. This had nothing to do with Jews, in fact, in 1967 when the mufti came to hand over the keys to Moshe Dayan, he (stupidly) handed them back. I suppose he believed that this would be the beginning of an era of peace, in reality, it was the start of endless wars. Since then any damage to the "mosques" on the Temple Mount has been the result of rioting muslims. As an aside~when muslims pray on the mount, they bow to mecca with their arses facing their precious mosques. Mull that over in your mind.

The OIC goals for the rest of the world are not much nicer. Do listen to this interview with former CIA, Brad Johnson on the excellent blog, Vlad Tepes. I strongly suggest you take the time to listen.

Finally, you need to know just "who" Omar Alghabra is. All the details are in the video below. If you are Canadian and value the country Canada has been for the past 150 years, you will take the time to listen. Think about what your PM is doing. Perhaps he hopes to bring in enough future voters to allow him to implement his policies for a "utopia". What he is really doing is opening the doors to turn Canada into an Islamic state. Think about it...

Omar Alghabra: Justin Trudeau's Anti-Semitic Foreign Affairs Pick

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