Thursday, 18 September 2014

New York City Muslim Day Parade~What the Hell!?!

Everybody has parades. Most cities in the free world have no problem giving permits to those who want to "show their stuff". It is not always what we would like to see, but then, we are free to stay home.

The Question Is:  Just how far does "freedom" go? 

Only days after the anniversary of 9/11 New York City saw the "Muslim Day Parade". In my mind a parade evokes visions of fun, and laughter and sometimes a good pipe band. With the theme of  "Islam and America Share Common Values", one would expect to see many positive displays, but this was not the case!

Regardless of the "spin" this parade comes across as little more than a celebration of dominance and support of terror. Ezra Levant spoke with Pamela Gellar about the symbolism~and raised many questions.

Whether you like the people discussing the parade is of no consequence. What you need to look at it the "content" of this parade. If this is what is to be considered "sharing common values" then the free world is in desperate trouble.

Those in Canada should not be smug because this is not much different than what goes on in Toronto and other cities across the country. The glorification of barbarism and the open call for Israel to be obliterated have overtaken common sense and humanity. 

Please watch carefully. We are approaching the abyss~unless good people stand up and say "enough" we will be doomed to step over the edge into darkness!

This Took Place in New York City Right After 9/11~I'm Gobsmacked!  

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