Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hamas Has a History of Kidnappings and Murder

The Horrific History of Hamas Kidnappings

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Anonymous said...

This Kidnapping is no surprise. Since the deal about Gilad Shalit everyone (including Hamas) knows very well how much the Israli goverment is willing to pay for one of their citizens:
The exchange-rate is one Israeli for 1000 Palestinians.

Since the Hamas (and Fatah) has a significant number of its members spending their time in Israeli jails (most of them for very good reasons), their motivation to abduct Israelis is obvious.

The day I heard about the Shalid-deal, the question I asked myself regreading the next abduction was not "if", the question was "when"

This can also be seen in other regions: Once ransom is paid (or, in case of Israel, prisoners are released) the number of abductions will increase.

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