Thursday, 14 November 2013

Facts Always Anger the Pro-Palestine Crowd...

I have to admire anyone who goes up against the "BDS~All Israelis are Evil" crowd. I say this because these people do not listen to argument, rather, they will shout you down, push you away and generally use the same type of "intimidation" to shut you up as terrorists do~they only difference is they don't use physical bombs. They spout the lies from organizations funded by the terror-groups and, yes, anti-semites. Lies, that, having been told over and over again for years are now accepted as "facts"...

One of their key arguments is "have you been to Israel", or "have you been to the West Bank". As if taking a tour sponsored by the PA to demonize Israel is any example! These "tourists" are only shown the facade, in a well-planned tour to empty pockets, garner sympathy for the PA and hatred for Jews. Well, to those with small minds and large PA flags, I can answer~Yes, I have been to Israel, and Yes, I have been to Judea and Samaria (there is no "West Bank"). I live here, and you are totally misguided!

It is a fact that in Judea and Samaria, the companies that these people want to Boycott, such as SodaStream, provide well paid jobs with great benefits for the Arabs as well as the Jews! If the company is boycotted, it will be the Arabs who will lose all! The Arabs under Israeli rule live better lives, have more freedom, higher paid jobs and standard of living than in any Arab country in the world.

This despite the constant attacks and instigation. A few years back when a bus in Jerusalem was bombed, I was in Malcha Mall, and noted that Israelis, (Jews, Arabs, etc.) were shopping, eating, and most importantly, enjoying the evening. Nobody cared if the women were in hijabs or the men wore kippot. We were all Israelis.

Arabs walk freely all over Israel, work, shop, and socialize in all areas. The truth is, it is only Jews who face danger if they mistakenly enter a majority Arab area.

Israel is far from perfect. We have problems and then some, however, we are not trying to establish a world caliphate, we do not force anyone "convert" to our religion (in fact, the opposite is true), and we sure don't go into other countries, commandeer the streets and demand that those countries throw out their own rule of law in favour of ours. I could go on, but speaking to the choir is a bit redundant, and trying to get the BDS'rs to listen to truth and reason is like pissing on a forest fire. If you take the D out of BDS you know what these people are full of!

That being said, when I see someone who does make an effort to bring out the truth, they deserve support. I don't have this young man's name, but he describes himself as an Arab-Zionist, and you can find his videos on YouTube under the name Oranjee1089. It is worthwhile to click over and have a look at his efforts~he is really fearless! I also found a LINK to a page where this young man tells a bit about himself. Hashem should watch over him and keep him strong!

This Young Man is Truly Fearless! The Audience Has Already Taken the Kool-Aide

Iraqi~Iranian And He Supports Israel With FACTS~Heads Exploding in 3-2-1...

Here He Is At A Lecture~This Guy is Good!

* I first read the Story at Daphne Anson Blog

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