Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bibi Still Knows How to Throw a One-Liner

I am no fan of Benjamin Netanyahu, but the fact is, he always was, and still is a good speaker. 

Today in the Knesset, he spoke words, that, had they come from a PM with real conviction and back bone I would have stood up and cheered. The truth is, he is only good at "speaking" but when it comes to "doing"...well, that is another story.

As is normal in our Knesset, the Arab and Jewish MK's are always at each other's throats. I do not object to Arabs being in the Knesset, what I do object to is their calling for the destruction of Israel and supporting terrorists like Hamas. Currently they are no more than termites, eating away at our country.

Arab MK Zahalkacommented:
“Since the referendum is over occupied territory, what applies is international law, and therefore the national referendum should be a binational referendum." [The truth is that under international law Judea and Samaria are Israeli land~but I'll post more on that another time]

Jewish MK Moti Yogev retorted back: 
“The Land of Israel belongs to the nation of Israel and you are the foreigners here!” [Finally, someone with the balls to speak truthfully!]

MK Zahalka replied: 
"We were here before you. I was here before you. And we will be here after you! So stop dreaming.” [This is the Arab lie, told so often that they now believe it to be so!]

PM Netanyahu requested that he be allowed to reply to MK Zahalka (an action he rarely takes). Once at the podium he said (more or less):
“I did not intended to speak. But I heard the statement by MK Zahalka. You said:
'We were here before you...and we will be here after you.'  
 "The First Part is Not True~
...And the Second Part Will Not Happen”

A great come-back. That is what an Israeli PM should sound like! Now, Mr. Netanyahu~Please take some spine stiffening medication and tell the EU, US and the rest of the world that we will not concede one inch of our land~Not Now~Not Ever! Fat chance it would ever happen, but I still believe in miracles, so...

* The story is posted on Arutz 7

Here is the Exchange (In Hebrew)

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