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The Final Victory: The Story of Felix Zandman

The video below follows Felix Zandman's life, the incredible story of a small Jewish boy who survived the Holocaust hiding in a grave-sized pit. A small boy who pulled himself together to achieve a life of fame and success in business and scientific achievements, but never forgot where that "small boy" came from.

Dr. Felix Zandman (07 May 1928~04 June 2011) was a world renowned scientist whose inventions in the fields of stress measurements and electronics have greatly contributed to science and industry.  

He was the founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Vishay Intertechnology~one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic components. Dr. Zandman published numerous scientific papers, three textbooks, his autobiography (Never The Last Journey), held over 70 patents and received numerous awards for his work.

His Original Idea~Drawn on a Napkin Hangs in the Smithsonian
Felix himself, speaks of his personal survival~in spite of the Nazis' attempts to murder him. You will follow his visit to the house where he hid in a shallow pit for seventeen months.

He demonstrates, and tells how, in 1961, he came up with an idea that was considered a breakthrough in the history of electronics~a stronger, better  resistor combining metal with a ceramic material. 

With the help of a loan from his cousin Alfred P Slaner (developer of Supp-Hose Hosiery), he started what would become a major multinational company named "Vishay"~after the birthplace of Grandma Tema.  Vishay went on to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components.

Felix continued in research, looking for solutions when it seemed none could be found. He says his success was due to the fact that he thought "outside the box". Over the coming fifty years, Vishay would acquire many other companies and grow to a value in the billions of dollars.

The story goes on to explain his later, (scientific) contribution to the Israeli Defense Forces in development the Thermal Shroud used on the guns of Merkava Tanks (First-Hit Accuracy), which would become the best in the world. Felix speaks of is gratitude at being given the opportunity to be able to work on this project and how he considered it as yet another facet of his personal victory over Second World War Germany and its Nazi collaborators. 

Through it all, Felix remains humble, always crediting his survival to the "other heroes" whose memories he has preserved...

Grandma Tema (Freidovitch)
It was her charity and kindness that paved the way of Felix's future rescue. 

Grandpa Nachum (Freidovitch)
He went voluntarily to a heroic death with three little children in his arms. 

While hidden in a "grave" he set down rules and daily routines and managed to turn the "tomb" into a place of sanity, learning, and hope. 

The Polish woman who risked hers and her family's lives to save the lives of Felix Zandman, his uncle, and three other Jews. 

This is a story of survival, of hope, of success and victory, and a life lived to the fullest, creating  and sharing with others, and remaining a gentle, humble Jewish boy till the end. This Film was Directed and Presented by Chaim Hecht.

  Do Watch to the End~And Have Tissues Handy (English & English Subtitles)

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