Thursday, 28 March 2013

Peace in Jerusalem ~ In Our Time...

Each year it seems that the world is heading closer to disaster. Perhaps if you live in North America, or other such places it is not so evident, but in Israel, it is as if we "feel" the moods of the universe.

Many people who make aliyah can't hold up under the pressure. The worst are the ones who come to Israel for all the wrong reasons. They have a romantic idea that that once they are in Israel, all their problems will be instantly resolved. When the aliyah basket runs out, and reality sets in, they gripe and complain, and even return to where they came from. Many don't accept that when you move to Israel you are merely one of the crowd~you will struggle to make a living and survive the constant chaos that seems to cling to our tiny country. Israelis on the whole are a caring lot, but this is a tough neighborhood and there is no time for molly coddling.

That being said, if one can "fit" into the mindset, there is no better place to be. The sages say, that living in the Eretz Yisrael is a mitzvah equal to all the others. Once in the land, we should not leave~there are only a few special reasons to go out.

Each year at the Seder Jews finish by saying "Next Year in Jerusalem" as we pray for our Holy Temple to be rebuilt. What has become a "force of habit" for diaspora Jews is still a strong cry for those of us living in Jerusalem. I pray that we will see the rebuilding of the temple, soon, and that peace will come in our time.

Next Year in Jerusalem~We Will "Cry No More"

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