Sunday, 16 December 2012

Let's be Friends~If They Can Do It~Why Can't We?

Now that the last day of Chanukah is almost over and the oil has burned out for another year, is there a message for us? A good friend told me that we should sit and look at the burning lamps and gather strength from the light for the days ahead. Indeed, when sitting in a room lit only by the Chanukiah one feels peace, and "at that moment" everything is right with the world.

Reality lurks, however, and in the next year, I want to remember the lights and what they represent. Regardless of your beliefs or the depth (or lack of) faith, we all need to know that a greater good exists in our world. 

As I was leaving for work today I confess, the "lights" were not on my mind at all. A group of small children were playing in front of my door. I heard a small voice say "Shalom"...without pause and barely turning, I hastily replied "Shalom". Then this wee voice said "שלום מתוקה" ~which roughly means "Hello Sweet (sweetheart, etc)". I turned to see a very small girl with a smile from ear to ear~a big, contagious smile, which I returned with a happy wave. My attitude and my day, took a sharp turn~for the better. I encourage you, Smile at someone today; Bite your tongue rather than hurting another; when you give tzdaka stop (if only for a second), smile and say "have a nice day"~this is a real, feeling person in front of you~when you acknowledge this, you give them a bit of light. Somehow, we need to put aside the "I" and consider the "we". It will surely not save he world, but I promise, you will the light will lift your spirits! Try it~you will be pleasantly surprised!

The clip below is from a movie. The site I where I found it  gives the following synopsis:
Zeus the pooch and Roxanne the dolphin are able to communicate with one another. Working together they change the lives of those around them. PS: The dog is a  Portuguese Podengo. Around the 15th century, the breed was used aboard ships to catch vermin. They traveled everywhere with the Portuguese~they even sailed with the ships of Christopher Columbus.

Like children, animals are able to spread light and happiness naturally, without thinking about it. Sit back, relax, listen to the music, spend a few minutes in a "wonderful world" where you can feel good~we can learn how to bring happiness just like children and animals and remember; Keep the Light Within You~All Year Long....

A Dolphin and A Dog~If They Can Be Friends~Why Can't We?

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