Sunday, 4 November 2012

Foul and Disgusting...

There are innumerable campaigns going on around America right now, but this one is so foul it deserves a mention. The story first came to my attention at Weasel Zippers. Do read it in full and follow the LINK HERE to the full article. 

There are many disturbing angles to this story. One is that such a person as JZ Knignt is actually able to meet with Obama and other politicians (seemingly all Democrats). Also is the fact that she has clearly been operating for quite some time~and nobody questions this? Even more so, is the fact that she is garnering an audience of young adults who will be shaping the future of America, as well as very young (underage) children (as seen in the video), who appear to be well on the way to being brainwashed! Wikipedia provides a bit of information, on Ramtha School of Enlightenment, including this little ditty:

Lessons in the School's compounds sometimes include wine-drinking, tobacco pipe smoking and dancing on rock'n roll music. Allegedly, it is being taught that the nitric oxyde in red wine (not the alcohol) and also found in pipe tobacco (not the nicotine) can help to facilitate changes in the brain as a part of the process in which to achieve these means.
The comments at the second link claim that JFK Jr. spoke at Ramtha School of Enlightenment on more than one occasion. I am not going to discuss JFK JR. as he can't defend himself, but the video below makes it very clear that Sandra Romero did speak there, and she is running for re-election as Thurston County Commissioner, District 2. While she may be all "grass roots and apple pie", her association with this kind of cult should set alarm bells ringing!

That any public official in the United States of America could partner with such people is mind boggling. While the general consensus seems to be that the woman is a con, or a "snake-oil salesman", there is ample evidence to show that there is a very unhealthy atmosphere around her. I strongly urge anyone living in the Washington area, investigate these claims. and make your voice heard~Stop politicians from accepting money and meeting with this woman!

What Kind of Person Associates With a Cult?

***WARNING*** The Language Used is Foul and Hate Filled...

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