Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pray for Those in the Path of Hurricane Sandy...

On the east coast of the USA, hurricane Sandy is still on the move leaving millions without power, mass floods, major fires and at least seventeen thirty-three dead.

I am not going to start listing details as there are much more qualified blogs and newscasts giving up to the minute details.

What I will do is ask everyone to take a minute to say a prayer for the safety of those who are in the path of the storm. Pray for those who have been battered and those who have not yet felt the force of this super storm. Pray the devastation will cease. For the families who have been separated, or those who may be trapped, let the rescue people find them. Pray for those who are at this moment risking their own lives as they work to hold back flood waters, put out fires, and rescue those who are trapped. It is now that the training and expertise of rescue services are vital. May they be protected while they do their work.

Finally, pray the aftermath will be handled with integrity, that the citizens with put differences aside and work to insure relief will reach all those in need quickly.  
God Bless America...

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