Monday, 24 September 2012

Netanel Yahalomi~Each Life is As A Whole World

As we enter into the days before Yom Kippur, there is a family that will shed real, bitter tears. 

This family will never see their son marry or have children. They will never see him build a life and they will never know what he might have been. 

For the Yahalomi family, it truly is as if a Whole World Has Been Lost.
Cpl. Netanel Yahalomi, only 20 years old, was murdered by Egyptian terrorists on Friday, 21 September 2012.

Netanel Yahalomi, was the third of Shmuel and Tova Yahalomi's six children. He was in a hesder program at the yeshiva in Ma'alot (hesder combines army service with yeshiva study). His nickname was "Halakhic Man"~after a well-known book by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik that describes Soloveitchik's view of how the ideal religious Jew thinks and acts. Only a microcosm of information for "a whole world".

Netanel was guarding the border and the security workers building the fence between Israel and Egypt. He was protecting our border so we could sit in synagogues and enjoy our Shabbat meals with our families and friends.
Netanel Yahalomi was murdered because IDF soldiers are humane. As the soldiers  took water to Illegal African infiltrators (They are NOT Refugees), the terrorists, dressed in civilian clothing, attacked.  

I do not know Netanel or any of his family, but I weep for him and for them. I am angry, because the weakness of our government makes our enemies bold, and our young men and women die. The haters, the leftists and anarchists who support tyrants, terrorists and those who crush freedom, will be calling him names because was Israeli and he served his country, Israel. They will celebrate the loss of an innocent life while screaming against the death of barbarian terrorists. Hate has no bounds, no honour and no sense.

Take a minute of your day to remember Netanel Yahalomi~Remember the young boys who brought water to infiltrators because to a Jew, each life is as a Whole World. Remember that Netanel Yahalomi was murdered for~~For What?...Baruch dayan ha-emet

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