Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Protest for Ulpana Homes in Beit El at Israeli Knesset ...

Protest~Picture by Shearim
The Ulpana Neighbourhood in Beit El is slated for Demolition on the first of July and Israelis are Protesting the Betrayal of the Government! 

Right now there are hundreds of people near the Knesset in Jerusalem and the word is that 1,500 or more are on the way to join them. My good friend from Shearim is on site and has been sending reports. Be sure to visit Shearim later today and tomorrow for pictures and more!

Protest Tent~Picture by Shearim
Some of the news blogs are reporting that the youth are blocking the road.  Shearim, just phoned in that the kids only ran into the road when the lights were red and as soon as they turned green they returned to the side. The Reporters, however, were all over the road blocking traffic. But hey, blaming the "settlers" gets better headlines.

These homes were built over ten years ago with permission (and funding?) by the government~there were no claims at the time. Now, with the help, funding and prodding of leftist anarchists and Israel haters like Peace Now, an Arab claims it is his family land~even though nobody had ever lived there nor were there any signs of farming or development of any kind~Oh Yes, and he has no proof! That did not stop our lefty court from ordering the demolition.
Ulpana~Not Tents on a Hilltop!!
 Remember Gush Katif? Many people are still living in the crappy caravans they were forced to move into! This needs confirmation, but apparently some families who were ripped from their homes in 2005 relocated to Beit El and will be homeless again! Meanwhile Bibi lives in a villa in Casarea, Barak just bought a new (mu.ti) million dollar home and the rest of the MK's live very well off the taxes we all pay.

Despite all the Lip Service from PM Bibi Netanyahu, he has turned his back on the those who elected him and gone against the policies of his own party, Likud. There is a Regulation Bill being debated in the Knesset today and Bibi said he will "Fire any MP Who Votes In Favour of the Bill"~like a true dictator.  Many MK's are crying in front of the press to "Save Ulpana" but experience tells me it is only for publicity and in the end they will hang on to the pay cheque and throw Israelis out of their homes~AGAIN!

MK Michael Ben-Ari (Ichud Leumi) said Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, "has stabbed Israeli settlers in the back, and is swindling his voters"...Lieberman announced that his party will vote against the Regulation Bill~sadly He will not be alone as nobody will give up their salary to save a Jewish home!

Ben-Ari is also supposed to have said that “The time has come for the public in Judea and Samaria to wake up from its delusions and stop believing parties and ministers who sell the land of Israel for a seat,”...well, he has that right! We need to force Bibi and his gang of thugs out of office and All Israelis need to band together and elect a completely NEW government--Remember Who Votes Against Eretz Israel!!

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