Friday, 16 March 2012

Hassan Nasrallah~Cheeky Devil or Braying Jackass?

Ahh, some people make it so easy...

I just read a post on YNet about Hezbollah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. Once again he has crawled out of his cave~this time to applaud the terrorists of Gaza, while using the opportunity to blame Israel for the repeated rocket attacks. 

This is someone who interprets Israelis entering bomb shelters when terrorists fire rockets as a victory. He can't seem to see that the reason we have so few fatalities is because Israel builds those shelters to protect the lives of her citizens.

Compare that to the citizens of Gaza who not only have no place to seek shelter, but are "used as shelter" by terrorists. When the terrorists are eliminated there are two lines taken~the first being that they were innocent "children" (which applies to anyone under forty) the second is the inference that they were brave fighters who died because as Cheeky Hassan spins it, the "members of the factions were not in hiding".
It is almost comical coming from one who is afraid to show his own face in public!

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