Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Song for the First Night of Chanukah

Chabad Menorah in Kikar Zion
I just found this song and decided to post it. The tune is catchy~the singer is very good. What is somewhat different is the composer~he is a Senior Senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch...who incidentally happens to be Mormon.

This description is from Bare Naked Islam's Blog~where I found the video (do visit their site and read the full story)

Some of the world’s most popular Christmas songs, including ‘White Christmas’ by Irving Berlin, were written by Jews, so it’s only fitting that a Mormon would write what has become my all time favorite Chanukah song...

Maybe not my all time favorite, but well worth listening to! The producer is Peter Bliss, the singer is Rasheeda Azar, a back-up vocalist for Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson and, incidentally, a Syrian-American from Terre Haute, Indiana. Happy Chanukah!

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