Monday, 5 September 2011

UAF~ Celebrating Violence Against Women

George Galloway~UAF Darling
I am not taking sides for or against the EDL, however, I most certainly would not have anything to do with these disgusting thugs from the UAF, who are a complete waste of skin. They, along with their favorite hate-monger, George Galloway need to be shipped off to the Islamic countries they love so much.

Listen carefully to what these degenerates are saying.  In the second clip you need to watch the slow motion at the end closely~but you can see these brave men kicking a woman down on the ground. At the beginning of the second clip  (:05) the PA kaffiya tells me what UAF really stands for~and that  most certainly is not good for England or any free democratic country!

I don't care who the woman was, nobody should be brutally attacked like this in the middle of the day--in London!! More to the point, why should any street in London be off limits to anybody?  If the UK is a free country why on earth do they have No Go Zones? Why weren't those that attacked the bus arrested immediately?

The text posted with the videos reads as follows:  The woman had her jaw broken by the UAFs, but is now back from the hospital. She had been dragged out from a back-door and beaten to the ground~ALL prior coaches went another route-police are seeking witnesses. (Yes, yes, I am sure they are)  On second thought, I would definitely feel safer among the EDL...

* Hat Tip to Daphne Anson

Watch the Slow Motion at the End...

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