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The Proms~Censored by (Biased) BBC?

Zubin Mehta and Israel Philharmonic~Dignity
I heard BBC news (on the radio) announce that they had to  "stop the broadcast" of the Proms~more precisely, it was the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

BBC's website reported:
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) had earlier called on people to boycott the concert and urged the BBC to cancel it.

How nice of you, al-beeby, to cooperate with them! A group of hate-mongers interrupt a concert (acting like a bunch of brainless ruffians) and BBC caters to them by cutting off the  broadcast...exactly what they wanted!

In searching for more information, I was fortunate to find Richard Millet's blog. Do go to his site to read the story--He was there, and gives a full report! The film clips below are from his site. You can see from them the exact level of disturbance.

This is not just free speech. It is "hatred" and it is directed at Israel. I for one, am fed up with liberal media labeling hate-mongers as "Peaceful, Pro-Palestinian Activists".

 They are Israel / Jew haters, plain and simple and they spread hate and libel without conscience. They don't care that the some of the very "Palestinians" they are so "pro" for, have had to flee to Israel to seek safety from their own people! What is so sickening is that they somehow feel "justified" and "important" to be using the very same tactics as in WWII,  first by demonizing an entire people, and in the end calling for what amounts to no less than their genocide.

Example of Peaceful Pro-Palestinians

I could write volumes refuting the filth and lies, but those who hate have no interest in truth. And before you call me biased, I freely admit that Israel has problems, and yes, there are some soldiers who disgrace the name of the IDF~what country does not have a few bad apples? The difference between Israel and the Arab world is that we hold our people accountable. Only in Israel can our enemies come to our own courts to seek and receive justice.

But I am wasting my breath, because whenever morons are faced with truth they scream and yell and push and flap their vile signs until truth is drowned out . 

Isn't it about time that people woke up to the lies that are being thrown around? Israel, the Only free democratic country in the middle-east is being demonized by the very countries who have the most abominable, violent record of inhumane treatment towards their own people (as well as others)...and still, the world remains silent! WHY?

On the bright side, the good people who paid money to see the Proms, did not appreciate the disturbance, and as you will see in the last clip, they were very appreciative of Zubin Mehta and the wonderful Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

First Interruption

Second Interruption

And One More Time...

Final Applause~From Proms Audience

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