Friday, 2 September 2011

Ontario Government (Approves) Jew Hate Fest...

Israel Hater Sid Ryan at Rally
Updated...I am used to hearing hate-speech, but for Canada this is a New Low. Please watch the clips below.

I will not post the film from the "hate-fest" because frankly, it is just too ugly. You can see it and more at Blazing Cat Fur. Note that  the police asked Blazing Cat Fur  to stop filming the hate fest~they were not concerned about Hezbollah Flags flying and shouts of Alla hu Akbar!

I was not surprised to see Sid Ryan, president of the Ontario Federation of Labour, or representatives from the United Church  (including  Minister Brian McIntosh) mugging for the cameras in their eagerness to bad mouth Israel. Although I notice that in the Michael Coren clip below, Steve MacDonald keeps insisting that United Church is not involved...he needs to read their resolutions and look at the footage of the rally again. The United Church is as anti-Israel as Hezbollah.

Many great Canadian bloggers have posted full details and pictures of this disgusting event. If you want more information you can find great pictures at Sassy Wire, and list of some of the participants and their affiliations from Kaffir Kanuck,

Canada~Your politicians and police are selling you out to Islam! Seriously...

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