Thursday, 8 September 2011

Have We Gone MAD?!

I really don't know anything about Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger, only that he is gaining a reputation as the Swiss Geert Wilders

His gained notoriety when he orchestrated the successful Swiss Minaret Ban, but he has also been subject to threats and hatred that seems to dog anybody who dares speak out against Islam

Regardless of his politics, whether they be radical or not, the fact is, he is only telling the truth. Sadly our  current world of politically correct, multi-culti bubble people cannot or will not face the facts, and it is increasingly becoming the role of the "radicals" to sound the alarm. 

Nobody can say "all" muslims are a threat, however, those who deny that  Islam poses an increasing infringements on our freedom of speech, and democratic society, are being useful idiots at the best, and at the worst they are co-conspirators in the attack on our civilization. Do listen...

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