Thursday, 18 August 2011

Terrorists Ambush Another Israeli Bus! (For Peace?)

It is shocking, but at the same time not surprising~In the past hours there have been  multiple attacks (again) on Israel by "terrorists".  

Unconfirmed reports say five Israelis, were reportedly killed and at least 26 wounded in a series of coordinated terror attacks against Israeli vehicles traveling Highway 12 from Beersheba to Eilat, near the Egyptian border

The first attack (around 12:00 noon), took place near the Ein Netafim junction. An Egged bus, number 392, was ambushed.  A car carrying the terrorists passed the bus then stopped and opened fire as the bus passed. There were IDF soldiers on board who returned fire. The driver was able to continue driving and reported that there was fire coming from the car and from inside the Egyptian Border. Some citizens reported their cars were fired upon from Egypt, but what looked like Egyptian soldiers.

In the second attack, an RPG rocket was fired on a private vehicle killing four members of the same family. There are also claims that a second bus was hit, resulting in a much higher number of wounded.  Unconfirmed claims say the bus was destroyed and indications are that the missile originated from the Egyptian side of the border.

Around 1:00 pm, multiple roadside bombs and rocket fire were used against IDF forces in the area of the Israel Egypt border fence. Since the fall of the Mubarak government, security concerns have been raised as infiltrators from Hamas have more freedom of movement, and this attack appears to be a confirmation.
There was a fourth incident where IDF soldiers engaged the terrorists. Three terrorists are reported to have been killed. The entire area is closed and it will not doubt take some time to sort the events out.
There is still a lot of confusion and I am sure that the reports of the attacks have overlapped and will need clarification, but the fact is, we are once again under attack

To all the people world wide demanding Israel give up more land (for peace):
We are surrounded by barbarians who:

* daily call for the destruction of Israel,
* write this in their constitutions, 
* declare publicly that they want it all, 
* declare "No Jews" will ever be
   allowed on their land,  and
* like today, launch murderous attacks
  on innocent  civilians

With this in mind, I Ask You...

                                         * Do you support Israeli boycotts? 
                                         * Do you support the Gaza flotillas? 
                                         * Do you support the "Free Palestine" groups? 

If You Do~You Are A Terrorist~the Blood of These Innocents is on Your Hands!!! 

...Proud of Yourself Yet???

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