Monday, 15 August 2011

Tel Aviv Housing Protest~The Radical Left in Disguise

For some time now there has been a "tent city" in the most prosperous area of Tel Aviv. For anyone who lives in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem for that matter, the issue of a lack of housing, and unusually high rents is a serious one, and I agree that is must be addressed. But is this all that is going on?

I strongly recommend you carefully read the excellent article on the blog of Sultan Knish, entitled A Leftist Farce Plays in Tel Aviv

To begin with, we must ignore those who have  demands that make me smile--like the student who says that he could not possibly live in Lod, outside central Tel Aviv, because he did not have a car to go clubbing on Friday nights. OK, being able to go night-clubbing may be a priority to some, but it is not the responsibility of the government to provide this, nor is it a reason to protest! And seriously, central Tel Aviv has some of the most expensive real estate anywhere! Not a place for low income or students! Most people in the low to middle income ranges will not be able to afford the costs. Location dictates price...

Much more serious is the fact that these protests are being hijacked by the far left in an attempt to sow discord and bring the government down. Yes, that is what I said, and anyone who takes the time to listen carefully will see what is happening. There is a good summary report at the online site of Arutz 7, that gives names and details, as well as other sites.

Picture by Miriam Woelke (Shearim)

There are many things these protesters do not  address, like the tens of thousands of illegals living in south Tel Aviv in flats near the bus station~This is an area that was originally designated for affordable housing to be built for students, yet these same people in the tent city demand that we keep the illegals~who for the most part are criminals and in many cases, Muslims (whose goal is to destroy us, remember). One cannot even walk  through that area anymore~it is a true No Go Zone. For pictures and information about the illegals situation in Tel Aviv, go to Shearim.

Meanwhile, the protesters oppose any action by law enforcement to remove Arab and Bedouin squatters from land they have illegally occupied in the Galilee and the Negev. The thousands of illegal Arab houses being built "everywhere" are not talked about--unless one is taken down--then the whole world blows up~even if it is built illegally on land where the ownership is clearly established under law. That is because in the eyes of the useful idiots, Jews should not be allowed any rights at all. Of course, they also oppose letting Jews live in Judea and Samaria. My question is~Just where do they expect  us to live? Where do they expect to live? Who do they plan on evicting from central Tel Aviv to make way for cheap housing?

These same people seem to be able to "live" in the center of town~Do they Not Work? This is where the financial backers come in. Ever wonder where the tents, food, communications centers and iphones come from? How is it that people claiming they can't afford rent  can take a cab from central Tel Aviv to the president's residence in Jerusalem? There is "hard left" money behind much of the protests. Their goal is to promote a political view. You can read more and see current pictures at Shearim Blog.

Make no mistake~housing is a serious problem in Israel. The rates are far to high for the measly wages one earns in this country. Like any big city, the central, popular areas always demand the highest rents. Calls to bring down the government, and replacing it with...what...a far left, communist cartel?~is not the answer.

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