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Busload of Hamas Families "Hi-Jacked"~By Israelis...

From Video Released 2009
What? Why is the media not reporting this? Earlier  this month, Friends and Supporters of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit staged a "hi-jacking" of a busload of Gazans returning from visiting Hamas prisoners. The video is on Youtube (see below).

The reason? They are protesting the kidnapping of  Gilad Shalit on 25 June 2006, by Hamas terrorists, on a raid inside Israel. During the attack two soldiers were killed and three others wounded.  Since that day, Gilad has been held without contact, most likely in an underground bunker~not even seeing the light of day! To date, the only communications between Shalit and the outside world has been three letters, an audio tape, and on 02 October 2009, a DVD that Israel received in return for releasing 20 female Palestinian prisoners. Since then there has been "no sign of life".

The event was six weeks in planning and was executed peacefully and perfectly. After a couple of hours the police arrived and the bus continued on its way~there were no arrests.  Although the protesters only spoke to them the Hamas passengers they were "very afraid"~because they knew full well that if the situation had been reversed and Hamas had kidnapped an Israeli bus there would not be one Israeli left alive...
Facebook Pic Posted by Hamas from Israeli Jail
Meanwhile, Hamas murderers in Israeli prisons lay around getting fat watching Colour TV, holding interviews, posting pictures of their easy life on facebook via cell-phones, even earning Masters Degrees, and much more~including Regular Visits With Their Families! Hamas will not even allow the Red Cross to send a package to Gilad or confirm he is alive. Yet the world wants Israel to free thousands of terrorist murders?? 

To all the people in countries whose combined donations send billions of dollars to the "PA" you should know that from your money, murderers and terrorists in Israeli jails receive hefty stipends every month, as do their families~in fact, the more Israelis killed~the higher the stipend they receive~from the money you send!  Why do you keep sending them money?

Graffiti Mocking Shalit (from 2006 to 2040)
 When the Free Gaza people came to town, Gilad's father asked them to accept a single letter with the request that it be given to his son. A request they categorically refused~scum that they are!

These people and their ilk rushed to embrace the mother of the boy who decapitated a three month old baby, but to take a single letter to an Israeli, held in sub-human conditions, for year, is considered--what?--too political???

Hamas and the PA continue to humiliate the Shalit family by releasing numerous videos mocking the kidnapped soldier, and his parents, as well as numerous walls of graffiti depicting the young man growing old in his prison--and the world remains silent. Isn't it time we stood up and said "enough"? Why does the west continue to fund the PA when they refuse to follow even the basic laws of prisoner treatment and human rights? Think about it--the next time it could be someone close to you who is targeted...

The Hi-Jacking

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