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"Princess" Himmler and Stille Hilfe~Aiding Mass Murderers

Gudrun Himmler & her Father
There is a group named "Stille Hilfe" (Silent Aid) that may well be the worlds only support group for mass murderers.  The official  name is Die Stille Hilfe für Kriegsgefangene und Internierte (Silent assistance for prisoners of war and interned persons) They have eased the way into society for many Nazi war criminals, including Klaus Barbie, the Gestapo Butcher of Lyon; Erich Priebke, SS murderer of Italian partisans; and Anton Malloth, brutal guard of the Theresienstadt concentration camp in the old Czechoslovakia. Although legal, they operate in a moral grey zone with only 25 to 40 members, but there are hundreds of anonymous supporters (from within Germany‘s neo-Nazi scene) and they have their very own "princess". She is Gudrun Burwitz, nee Himmler, the daughter of Heinrich Himmler, former head of the SS.
Gudrun Himmler & Father in Dachau
Gudrun Himmler Burwitz--known as Puppi (doll) to her father--is now 81 and has devoted her life to the memory of the father she worshipped and to helping those who worked for him in death camps, SS fighting units and the administration of the terror organization that he oversaw. In a picture taken at the Nazi concentration camp of Dachau outside of Munich (where close to 40,000 people were murdered)  her father and his SS servants gaze at Puppi with adoration, while a few meters away, people were beaten, starved, murdered and burned. At the time she wasn't old enough to know better, but she is now, and chooses to venerate her father and the animals who served him. When Himmler committed suicide in the Allied interrogation centre near Luneburg (May 23, 1945) Gudrun was distraught, refusing to believe it. To this day she claims that the British murdered him.
Gudrun Himmler Burwitz
She married journalist and author Wulf Dieter Burwitz, who is also active in Neo-Nazism, and lives in the Munich suburb of Furstenried in a house registered under the name of a building association, her phone is unlisted. She devotes most of her life to a secret world--that does not allow access to outsiders. Because she has the blood of Himmler in her veins Gudrun Burwitz is almost a deity among the other members of Stille Hilfe. Oliver Schroem, author of a book about Stille Hilfe, has described her as a "dazzling Nazi princess, a deity among these believers in the old times". Several years ago she made a rare appearance at a rally of neo-Nazis in Ulrichsberg, northern Austria where she was idolised by former SS veterans. Their first president, Helene Elizabeth, Princess von Isenburg, was chosen because of her good contacts among the aristocracy and conservative upper middle-class circles as well as the Catholic Church.
Gudrun Burwitz (with Stille Hilfe funds) organized a comfortable retirement for Anton Malloth, a sadistic guard at the Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, who had been sentenced to death in absentia by a Czech court. She rented a comfortable room for him in a retirement home near Munich, built on land  formerly owned by Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess. She visited him there twice a month until his death from cancer in 2002. Martin Sandberger, leader of an elite squad of killers responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jews, Gypsies and Communists in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia was also given tender care in an old age home in Stuttgart until his death this year.
Recipients of Stille Hilfe "Charitable Aid"

Stille Hilfe had been footing the legal bill for Samuel Kunz, 89 (recently deceased), who was accused of taking part in the murders of 433,000 Jews in Belzec extermination camp, Poland, during World War II. Now they are working behind the scenes to stop the extradition Klaas Carel Faber (88) to The Hague. He is wanted by Dutch authorities to resume a life sentence for the wartime murders of 22 Jews and resistance fighters. It is rumored that the group's last meeting included the Munich trial of John Demjanjuk, charged with assisting in the murder of 27,900 people at Sobibor extermination camp in occupied Poland as well as charitable aid for the family of war criminal Martin Sandberger following his death this year.
In one of her rare interviews, Burwitz describes herself as one of the few members in a dying orgnisation. She does not deny her involvement with Stille Hilfe, saying: "It's true I help where I can, But I refuse to discuss my work." Most frightening of all--She Has Two Children...a son, now a qualified lawyer, and a daughter--last listed as a student. 

I also found an old 2006 post with this information:
This is to inform you that "Stille Hilfe Amerika" (Silent Aid America) has recently been founded to aid any SS, Gestapo, or Order Police veterans now resident in the United States and who might be in need of legal, financial, or social assistance. The original "Stille Hilfe" was a legal organization of SS veterans founded in 1951 in West Germany. "Stille Hilfe Amerika" possesses substantial financial resources, is thoroughly National Socialist, has a very small staff (and does not solicit members), yet is not formally tied to any neo-Nazi group--thus it is able to determine its own operations. Most importantly, it is NOT a front for any ZOG group. To learn more about "Stille Hilfe Amerika," and to contact it directly if you wish, simply visit 88!...SS-Brigadefuhrer Walter Schellenberg. "Meine Ehre heisst Treue!" (SS Motto: "My Honor is my Loyalty!")
I should point out that SS-Brigadefuhrer Walter Schellenberg died in 1952, and when I tried the link to the blog I got a message that it did not exist and of course I found a lot of the usual troll type messages. It seems likely that "Stille Hilfe Amerika" does not exist except in the crazed fantasies of some confused psychotics.


Anonymous said...

i understand you decision on your father and your country: but at some point you must realize he and them wrong dead wrong. wish you well in your afterlife.

Orfan said...

To Anonymous: My rabbi told us that the highest judge of all, Gd, insures that everyone will be judged fairly for their deeds. It is my belief that this evil woman, her father and all those sick individuals who agree with them will suffer ten-fold for what they did to others. I cannot even find pity for their wretched black souls. I leave the final decision to my Creator.

Laura said...

I as a german citizen feel ashamed that this woman and her organization are allowed to help those criminals. Bad enough that she obviously hasn't learned right from wrong, but helping those criminals is too much. Isn't there any law against it?

Orfan said...

I am not a German citizen, so I can't answer that question. Perhaps you could question your local member of government? Sadly, her children are apparently carrying on her evil legacy.

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