Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A New Cover for Joseph's Tomb

Arutz 7 has reported that a new ornate cover was placed over the gravestone in the tomb of the Biblical Patriarch Joseph in Shechem

This photo and others were taken and sent to Arutz 7 by Ma'ayan Ayish of Yitzhar, and can be seen at this link.

The tombstone (and many other Jewish Sites) were torched, defiled and desecrated by Arab vandals--a common practice among Muslims, who demand utmost respect for anything holy to them (of course!).

The destruction of the site was heartbreaking and carried out with violent hatred. The video below shows the tomb before and also during the desecration. Please watch it all--then imagine the world outcry if such a thing were done to an Islamic site. The time has long past for us to keep on with this politically correct madness--this is just one example of the ongoing bias, hatred and outright racism that is creeping into the world. The Arab countries surrounding Israel make no secret of their goal to wipe out the Jews and have all  of Israel and the middle-east under Islam--followed by the rest of the world. Nobody cries out when Abbas declares that not one Jew will step on "Palestinian" ground, but when rabbis warn Jews not to rent or sell our Holy Land to Arabs we are suddenly called racist.

Wake up! Be informed! There are many sites that translate Arab papers. You will soon learn the truth, that in their world there is always one speech for the English speakers and then there is what they tell their own people in Arabic.

Look at the size of Israel--then look at the size of the rest of the Arab countries surrounding it. Forcing us to cede any more land is a death penalty. Remember--if Israel is gone every country in the world will be on the threatened list--many already are almost  taken over.  Look at how Islam has spread through the Middle-East and Africa. The Muslim world is never content with what they have--their goal is to have it all--an Islamic caliphate that will rule the world--there is no such thing in Islam as living peacefully side by side. Islam only knows domination. We must take a stand now, for ourselves, our children and all future generations. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and All of Israel...

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Don Maher LMT, MTI said...

I hope that we will see the third temple (ourselves) be restored to the glory Hashem sees when he looks upon His people. This is the place that I shall dwell amongsth the Israelites forever. It will not be a building made of stones cut by man's hand but in the temple made by the hand of G-d. I love Israel, the people, the land and the G-d of Israel. Your people shall be my people and your G-d shall be my G-d. if anything less than death should separate us, may H' deal harshly with me.

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