Thursday, 9 December 2010

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler~Finally A Man With BackBone !

Turkish Ambassador Tezcan
The Turkish ambassador to Austria, Kadri Ecvet Tezcan, criticized Austria's, its integration policies, and the Austrian people...“Austrians are not interested in other cultures.” The following is taken a summary by the English language Austrian Times (Ed: emphasis is mine)...
Speaking to Austrian newspaper Die Presse, Kadri Ecvet Tezcan claimed Turks in Vienna knew they were not welcome in Austria, (saying the Turks were treated like a virus). He also revealed having been told that the Austrian foreign minister does not welcome ambassadors for meetings--and revealed he would relocate the United Nations (UN) from Vienna were he leader of the international organization.

Asked why immigrants from Croatia seem to do better at school than most people from Turkey, Tezcan said: “Croats are Christians and therefore welcome in the society, while Turks aren’t. They are constantly being pushed to the corners of the society.”

Regarding the wearing of headscarves he said:
“Does wearing headscarves break the law? No. You haven’t got the right to tell anybody what to do regarding this issue. If you are allowed to bath [sic!] [swim] naked, you should be allowed to wear headscarves” of Ambassador Tezcan’s statements is not only wrong, but simply dangerous: If he believes that he can speak about Austrian citizens with Turkish background as “his” fellow countrymen, he ignores Austria’s sovereignty. Or perhaps Turkey understands itself to be the protecting power for all emigrant Turks. The next step may be to make a territorial claims with regard to the residential areas of “its” people, such as the districts of Favoriten and Fünfhaus in Vienna.

BZO Parliamentarian Ewald Stadler came back with a strong response. In my personal opinion I think he was awesome! Here is the video (English Sub-titles)--We need a lot more politicians like Mr. Stadler. Instead we are burdened with weak-need, politically correct governments who are giving away our freedoms.  
Good for you Mr. Stadler!  

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Jedilson Bonfim said...

Yep, such courage, coupled with the rise of politicians such as Geert Wilders, who are willing to defend real human rights (women's rights, gay rights; equality for all before the law, rather than granting muslims "superior" legal status, and freedom of speech) against sharia barbarism and 7th-century Arab fascism, is a more-than-welcome sign that the beginning of the end of politically-correct tolerance of muslim intolerance in Western Europe has finally begun.

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