Thursday, 18 November 2010

Jewish Conversions~Is There a Problem?

This is will be the first of a series I am preparing on conversions. I am still working on the order to present it all as I am not only going to refer to the "laws" but I will be giving stories of those who have and are undergoing conversion. 
One of the most amazing things to me is the number of people who want to convert to Judaism! Turn on the news or browse the internet and you would think that the Jews were the plague of the world! So, why do so many want to join us?
Israel is full of those who are trying to "find themselves", and many think that the way to do it is with conversion. Sadly, for the vast majority this is a very big mistake! I watch people who come on vacations and feel "uplifted" believing this is a "calling". I suspect that this is a type of Jerusalem Syndrome--a typical reaction.

Like anything new, Judaism can appear attractive and even preferable to all else, but there is so much more than just "feeling". I have met numerous people who claim "Gd spoke to me"--and to them I say that maybe you need to speak to a professional.
Being Jewish is work. It's not like xtians who dunk themselves in a tank and voila--reborn! To become a Jew means to become part of the Jewish people and accepting the rules of Halacha upon yourself--forever. And, yes, a large portion of Jews do not observe these rules, but they were born Jewish and Gd will judge them separately. Harsh? Maybe, but the fact is there are untold numbers of people who undergo conversion, move to Israel and then carry on with their old lifestyle because they had no intention of giving up their idolatrous ways. There are no real "conversion police" these people still have a problem. You see, you can fool yourself, your neighbours and maybe even a beit din--but Gd will always know--and in the end your soul is not Jewish and you are nothing but a fraud.
A Halachic Orthodox conversion. Which means study, testing and a lifetime commitment to a different lifestyle--all the time, every day--whether you feel like it or not. This means  no cheese on your burger and no bacon at all and although there will be no thunder or bolts of lightening--you should not undergo conversion if you are not prepared to learn and accept this on yourself.
More to follow...

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