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As We Light The First Chanukah Candle Tonight...

Moroccan חנוכה מרוקאי~Hanerot Halalu & Berakhot & Mizmor הנרות הללו~Enjoy!

This is A Beautiful Sephardic Version of Maoz Tzur by R. David Kadoch~Enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Amir Benayoun~Israeli Singer Banned by Petty Politician

I have written before of Israeli singer Amir Benayoun (See Links Below Video). He is very popular with the people and many of his songs speak to the events present and past in this country.

He has addressed issues from the barbaric murder of the Fogel Family in 2013 to a song for international Holocaust Day. Last summer he gave a concert in Hevron, where he met with a survivor of the Hevron Massacre (who sadly passed away this year).

Amir Benayoun had been scheduled to sing at an event marking the expulsion of Jews from Arab Lands and Iran on Sunday, 30 November 2014. Suddenly, President Reuven Rivlin cancelled his appearance. Why? Because Benayoun wrote a song pertaining to the situation in Jerusalem and Israel today. On his Facebook page Benayoun states that he "wrote a protest song from great pain over the recent wave of terror." The song addresses the violence and targeting of Israelis and the pain it causes. It is a response to the terrorism in which Arab terrorists used their positions of employment in order to murder Jews.

The news does not report it, but Arabs are rioting, attacking, and destroying property of Jews on a daily basis. The costs are in the millions of shekels. Most of the Arabs carrying out these heinous attacks live and/or work in Israel. Arab Israelis receive the same benefits as Jewish Israelis, such as medical services and child support, from the state. They attend Israeli schools and universities and in fact, have more rights than Arabs in any "Arab" country. They do not appreciate this, because they "want it all". Raised on hatred and taught lies on a daily basis, the goal is not a two state solution, but a one state solution with all Jews dead. In fact, many Arab-Israelis are in favour of terror attacks and support the elimination of the Jewish people.

And Jews are being murdered, such as the five men who were hacked and shot to death in a synagogue this past week~an evil act that was carried out by two Arabs wielding axes, knives and guns, one of whom was employed in a shop next to the very synagogue they attacked. How convenient!

Heaven forbid that we should admit the truth. So far only one government member, Minister for Senior Citizens, Uri Orbach (Jewish Home) has spoken out against the cancellation, saying he would not attend the event because he views the cancellation as an infringement on freedom of expression. Indeed, there is usually no comment when the criticism is aimed at religious Jews or pro-Jewish groups, but let an Israeli speak the truth on Arabs attacking Jews, and the government gets its knickers in a twist. What a group of sick-minded people. Shame on them all! 

To all who are due to attend this event, how about speaking up for the rights of Jewish Israelis, and refuse to attend unless Amir Benayoun is allowed to perform as originally planned?

Lyrics to "Ahmed Loves Israel "~Thanks to Arutz 7:

Salaam Aleichem, my name is Ahmed.
I reside in Jerusalem, I study at the University a thing or two.
There's no one like me that enjoys both worlds
Today I am moderate and smiling
Tomorrow I'll fly up to Heaven
Sending a Jew or two to Hell.

It's true I'm just a plain slimy ingrate
It is true but I'm not guilty as my childhood was loveless
It's true that moment you turn your back to me
Then I'll bring down on it a sharpened hatchet.

My name is Ahmed
I live in the country's center.
I work right next to a kindergarten
And behind it some cooking gas balloons. (propane tanks)
There's no one like me that enjoys both worlds
Today I'll be me
And tomorrow they'll be not,
Many many of them will not be.

It's true I'm just a plain slimy ingrate
It is true but I'm not guilty as my childhood was loveless
It's true that moment you turn your back to me
Then I'll shoot straight into it.

"עמיר בניון אחמד אוהב ישראל~Amir Benayoun~Ahmed Loves Israel

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