Sunday, 17 July 2016

Jerusalem Security Protects Citizens From Bomb Attack...

Terrorist Neutralized (Picture: TAB)
This morning I was at the tram stop a bit later than usual. As I was checking the time a fuss was taking place a few meters away. I looked up to see a couple of security guards challenging a young Arab man~most likely because he was behaving suspiciously.

From where I stood, the Arab was behaving in a very aggressive manner, swinging what looked like a large bottle at the guard trying to back him onto the rails. 

In the blink of an eye he was on the ground~and others across the track were clearing the area. In minutes there were police and security everywhere, streets were blocked.

The guards contained the attacker, and blocked any danger to the public. 

One guard knelt at the man's head to keep him from moving while the second pulled his clothing away~to insure there are no weapons or explosive devices. 
The Robot (Picture: TAB)

In rapid response, the streets in all directions were cordoned off and a plethora of security forces were lined up and directing the people back to a safe distance. Shops along the street closed the doors and some lowered the metal treis. 

The first thing that arrived (along with squads of police) was a truck carrying the "robot". This tiny tractor is sent in to exam suspicious packages to determine the next action. It is kind of like a giant robotic toy and I noted that people quite enjoyed seeing it deployed!

In this situation many things happen in rapid succession. I noted that at all times there were forces lined at each end of the street to keep the curious out of the way, answer questions and most importantly, watch for other dangers that may be mingling in the crowd.
Dogs Arriving (Picture: TAB)
What I (or any other onlookers) did not know at the time, was that there was a bomb in the man's back pack. One of the guards who was first on the spot told our "crowd" he thought it was a bomb and described it. 

The news has since reported that as well as several pipe bombs, there were knives in the bag and that a major attack had been avoided.

Very soon, the bomb-sniffing dogs arrived~3 of them, with tails wagging and ears alert. Around the same time a second, smaller robot was also deployed.

By this time we had been pushed back to the intersection and details of what was going on were difficult to see.

Local news has since reported that one of the guards was Druze, and had challenged the man in Arabic. Because our security people are trained to spot problems, he was able to deduce that something was not right and the quick actions avoided a disaster. 

The professional, rapid actions of our security people and forces were once again able to stop a disaster from happening. They know what to look for and do not hesitate to challenge anyone who they think is a danger.

Here are a few more pictures from this morning:

Motor Cycle Police (Picture: TAB)
IDF Arriving (Picture: TAB)

Job Well Done (Picture: TAB)


Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Everyone Needs to Watch This! WARNING! It Is Disturbing

This past week, two children tragically died after being left in a car in the burning heat. The video below was sent to me by a friend and I think it is something that everyone needs to see, and learn from.

It can take as little as 15 minutes for a child to suffer life-threatening brain or kidney injuries. When a child's body temperature reaches 104 degrees, internal organs shut down. At 107 degrees, children die...NBC News

Nothing is worth taking a chance on the life of a child! If you can't find someone to watch your child keep them with you! If you can't keep them with you~STAY HOME WITH THEM!

If you are unwilling to do this then don't have children! For that matter, don't have a pet either! And, yes, I did have kids and pets. That is part of the territory when you have children or pets...

NEVER Leave Your Child Alone in A Vehicle~Even for A Few Minutes!

* You can find more at this site on Facebook:

Istanbul Airport Attacked By Three Suicide Bombers

I Wonder If Obummer Is Going to Call This A "Work Place Accident"

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Keep Your Fingers Off (Our Women!!)

Some May See This As Funny~Sadly It Is All Too True!! This Is The Reality...

***Tip of the Hat to The Watchdog for posting this

Monday, 6 June 2016

Netzah Yehuda March to The Kotel On Jerusalem Day

Kfir Brigade's Netzah Yehuda (Haredi) Battalion 300 Strong March Through the City

In honour of the 49th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem 300 members of the Netzah Yehuda battalion marched from Gan Sacher Park, up Bezalel Street, down Ben Yehuda, along King George to Jaffa road through Jaffa Gate and the Jewish Quarter to the Kotel. Police closed streets to allow the soldiers who were dressed out in full combat gear, to pass through the city. What a beautiful site to see our boys singing as they proudly march through our City with the flag of Israel!

The rabbis of the Nahal Haredi Foundation and the Shiluv Menatzeah~IDF Haredi Alumni Association (which accompanies the soldiers during and after their military service) joined the soldiers as they passed their offices and marched alongside them.

At the Kotel Plaza a ceremony was held describing the power in the connection between their battalion, Jerusalem, and the Nation of Israel.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

This is How The PA Reacts to Murdering Scumbags

The PA is so full of crap it is a miracle they haven't slithered down a sewer by now. While screaming about Israel not wanting peace, they have the chutzpah to glorify a murdering scumbag as a "martyr".

Bear in mind that the young man so brutally murdered, Taylor Force, was an American Tourist and Not Jewish. He was enrolled in an MBA program in Vanderbilt University and came to Israel as part of his studies to “expand his understanding of global entrepreneurship and also to share his insights and knowledge with start-ups in Israel.” There was absolutely no reason for Taylor Force to be attacked. He was good person trying to contribute to a better world!!

The barbarian who slaughtered this young man, also wounded eleven other people in the attack before he was finally shot dead. His contribution to this world = < 0.

This has nothing to do with fake land claims, or false claims of oppression or apartheid or any other lies the PA and thugs dream up. It is about pure primitive hatred bred into each child and nurtured till they die. They are a people filled with vile, overflowing, hate. They want all Jews and non-muslims Dead! They can't even get along with each other. When is the world going to wake up??

Everyone Should Watch And Learn! Their Hate Knows No Bounds!!

*Thanks to PMW (Palestinian Media Watch) for their ongoing efforts to bring truth! Do visit their site. They do amazing work.


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