Monday, 8 April 2019

Update to Hidden, Ill-Gotten Payout to Omar Kadr

Last Month on 12 March 2019, I posted (Click HERE)  an article about the discovery of part of the hidden Ten Million Dollars that the Trudeau government paid out to terrorist Omar Kadr. 

There was still approximately seven million unaccounted for, and Sheila Gunn Reid of Rebel Media, was determined to find out where it went.

Now, in the report below she tells of a link to the hidden funds. More than that, she uncovered proof that Justin Trudeau and his government collaborated with the lawyers of Omar Kadr to conceal the money from the families of Kadr's victims.

It is bad enough that the Government of Canada pulled off such a stunt with tax-payer money, but worse than that it demonstrates Trudeau's willingness to cater to a terrorist while Canadian soldiers who were wounded when sent overseas by the same government are told that they are "asking for too much"! 

My Personal Opinion?  Justin Trudeau should be made to Pay the Ten Million Dollars out of His Own Pocket and the government should insure the wounded Canadian Soldiers get the medical treatment they need and deserve!!

Please listen to Sheila's report and think about who Canada's Prime Minister is loyal to. Shame on all who voted him into office!
Proof: Trudeau Structured Khadr Payout to Keep it From the Victims

Monday, 1 April 2019

Hamas In its Own Words~Listen Closely!

When You Call For The Border Wall To Be Taken Down~This Is What You Support!!

Those who condemn the IDF do not have to live under the constant threat of attack and the unreasonable hatred that is drilled into children from birth. What parent raises an innocent child to hate so much that they will kill and die for that hatred. If you listen, what the "elders" are actually doing, is sending out the young to die while they sit back smoking and and getting fat waiting for their children to deliver our country to them~or better yet~to die so they can have more press time. What drives people to hate so much they will not even try to live in peace for the sake of their children?

There is no rational reason for the behaviour. Even those who have moved or have been born in Europe or North America are still spouting the same hatred! It is beyond any form of reason. 

Does the IDF fire back? They have to. The first time they put their weapons down they will be torn to pieces! I mean that literally as it has happened in the past. 

Monday, 4 February 2019

Israelis Love to Have Fun..

As I was on my way home from work last week, I passed down Agripas street in Jerusalem. As usual it was crowded, busy, with traffic pile-ups and a lot of frustrated people waiting for the bus. On top of that it had been raining on and off and everyone was soggy.

So what to do in these situations??

There is a well-known group, the majority of which are young people, who have found a way to bring a smile in all types of weather and situations. People call them "Na Nas", because they follow some of the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Do not mistake them for the serious hasidic Breslov groups, because these young people dance to their own beat.

They are known all around the country as they show up in their battered wildly painted vans. Without warning they stop in the middle of the street. Or at traffic lights and get out to dance...People Love It!

Here Is A Short Clip of What I Saw the Other Day~What Fun!


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